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Purge is a newly founded guild by a couple individuals with the mindset of serious progression raiding but at the same time, having a community of peers and friends who support each other and flourish.

We are looking to push for the top and be very competitive with other guilds. Possibilities are endless and we are looking for those that are looking to prove they have what it takes to be the best at what they love doing and playing.


Core Raid
Thursday 8-11.30 pm.
Sunday 8-11.30 pm.
Monday 8-11.30 pm.
Tuesday 8-11.30 pm.

People who join with inferior gear will be geared up through alt / secondary runs. We are frequently making raids to gear up people who lack ILVL 350-355 which is needed for progression raids.

We are soon making a secondary raid team which will progress on their own time.


  • If you troll, expect to be trolled.
  • In guildchat we have an english only policy.
  • Your raid team is a TEAM, play like one & act like one.
  • Loot decisions is made by the officers and are given out to those who will use the loot the most. (see LOOT DISTRIBUTION FOR DETAILS)
  • Constructive criticism is fine, but baseless criticism is unwanted.
  • We have no tolerance for drama. Especially during raid times. If you have a problem with another guild member - do it in whispers.
  • Signing on for raids is done using the blizzard calender system.
  • Signing as ACCEPTED means you will come to the raid. If you are not coming or situation change, change your status accordingly.
  • Post out ON CALENDER if you are not coming to a raid (Change to tentative or Declined)
  • Raid invites are prioritised between having the right roll and showing up on time. We always select what we deem are the best players available.


While we are clearing trash and gathering our raid group - talking on TS is encouraged and even appreciated. However, while we are in the process of killing bosses, only one player (the raid leader) will talk and make calls relating to the encounter. Others are discouraged to talk as that may distrupt the communication and confusing our raid group. Should the unfortunate event happen and we wipe, we will discuss how we can improve as a team. Making criticism so that it is recieved properly is very important when looking for mistakes that happens doing a wipe. For that reason I will demonstrate the difference between negative and constructive criticism.

As an example: Tank - VampAtDawn dies on Deep Breath doing Valiona and Theralion encounter.
Good criticism: VampAtDawn, when Valiona is flying towards the end of the stairs - be sure to check out where she is position so you can dodge Deep Breath.
Bad criticism: VampAtDawn, you failed hard vs. this boss. Step it up.

What is your trial process like?

While our trial process does not last a set amount of time, typical trials last two weeks. Trials tend to be on the longer side for healers, tanks, and during farm content. During your trial you will be expected to ask questions and take responsibility for your own performance. If we feel you have a lot of potential but need to work on a few things, we may choose to extend your trial.

How is loot distributed?

We use a loot council system, which is typical of progression raiding guilds and which has worked well for us. While we tend gear our tanks before anyone else for obvious reasons, we normally assign loot based on what seems sensible to us (for example, during Baleroc progression, DPS would be geared up first).
The loot council system is ideally speaking prioritising those who will recieve the biggest upgrade and those we need to gear the most. That being said - things like accountabillity (is he/she a reliable raider?), performance (does he perform well?), and attendency (is he attending all the raids?) will also be taken into account.

All BoE and shards will be allocated to the guild bank for enchants and gearing up recruits / alts.

The main goal of all loot is to further the guild's ability to down progression content. Our loot philosophy is simple and non-negotiable - loot is a tool, not a reward. While you may love your new shiny trinket, we didn't give it to you because we think you're awesome - we gave it to you to help us get the next fight down, and because we trust you enough to believe you will bring that trinket to raid and perform well with it

Do you have a casual/friends/family rank?

Not currently, no. You are welcome to join with any alts you have, but as this is a raiding guild we try to make sure that the people who join can actually raid with us.


The guild is led by a group of players with typically very high attendance. People in a leadership position are selected based on merits such as a good attitude towards wow, steady performance raidwise and most importantly; being motivational towards fellow guild members.
  • Vampatdown (Guild Master)
  • Myretis (Officer)
  • Rhasneth (Officer)
  • Nedev (Officer)