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#11144396 Jun 08, 2015 at 03:28 PM · Edited 3 years ago
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Hello, fellow guild members.

In recent times, we have progressed a lot having downed both Maloriak and V/T on heroic. This, however, doesn't mean that we do not have problems. Currently, we there are huge issues with attendance in raids, particularly communication on who will and who will not attend raids.

I need not remind you all that everyone who have applied has ticked "yes" on being able to raid on raid times. This generally means that you should be able to raid 3/4th of the times. Seeing as we have 4 raids a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday), this means that everyone should be able to raid 3 raids a week on an average week.

This is currently not the case. This Sunday, we had to pug a druid so we had enough for V/T hc, which is completely unacceptable, as we currently have 29 raiders and trials, who should all be able to raid.

Anyway, I digress: This post is not about whether or not you are able to show up on most raids, but that will be discussed later too. What I wanted to address here is the communication problem that we currently have in the guild, AKA the fact that very few are posting on the calendar whether or not you can raid.

Bluntly put, this needs to change. Make it a habit to look at the calendar every single time you log in, and answer all the invites. If you need a reminder, here is what the different "answers" mean:
  • Accepted: I will show up for raid, without a doubt.
  • Tentative: I plan to show up, but it is not guaranteed. Invite the people who accepted before me.
  • Declined: I will not show up for raid.
Now, this also means that, if you post "accepted", you WILL show up. Unless you have a kitchen fire or something just before the raid, there is no excuse. Failure to show up to a raid you have accepted is not okay, and may result in being kicked from the guild if it is repeated.

Because of these problems that the guild is currently facing, we will from here on enforce tighter rules and repercussions if you do not answer the calendar invites. The details are not yet clear, but here is the general outline: If you fail to answer the calendar invites completely, then the chances of you getting invited will reduce, and may result in a kick later on.
So, for the love of god, answer the god damned calendar invites. It's important. It's easy. And it helps the guild.
#11149322 Jun 09, 2015 at 06:22 PM
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Do this so we as officers have an easier time managing who can come and who cant.

So we dont invite a suboptimal pick because we do not know whether YOU will be online later.

It is completely fair to decline a raid if you cant make it - all we ask is that you sign so we have a rough idea of who and what we can bring. This will also make us decide which bosses we go for and which we leave for other raids (in terms of what gear they drop). As an example, if we have no hunters signed - we dont go atramedes.
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